Born in Syria my country of birth has contributed to my art motifs and strong classical background.  It has also influenced the central theme of my work:  suffering. Suffering does not discriminate and this is shown through my personal experiences of grief, images of the downtrodden and human right’s violations throughout my art.

I originally studied art in Syria, but after moving to the Netherlands via Sweden, I studied at the AKI Kunstacademie in Enschede where I graduated in 2011.  Since then I have used different techniques within my artistic methodology of traditional and progressive stamping, and manual graphic printing, to achieve the unique organic identity of my art pieces.   No one piece of art is the same, I am constantly changing the background textile that my works are created on; and I experiment with different textiles to create my collages.

When I first started, I only used a black and white palatte, and traditional stamping because I felt that just as there is a wide and vast spectrum in the greys between black and white and traditional stories – this too is reflected in humanity and our morality.  Later on, as I evolved as an artist, strong colours remained important to me within my work but I started using different techniques and colour palattes.

Now I am very careful with how colour emerges in each piece; I do not pick the colours – the colours tend to pick me.  However, black is always dominant and I am always changing and discovering new ways to physically create my work with the stamping, manual graphic printing and different textiles.  When I am forming my ideas, I want to use different techniques and textiles in order to give the paint and emotions freedom to move away from the rigidity of traditional art.  This approach gives me a different feeling when I am painting, and in order to express myself and create the effect I want, I must search for the combination that feels right.  I want my art to be seen as complete – the materials, the theme and the colours are integral – I want people to literally see the whole picture and experience it as I do.

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